A Touch of God - Section I

Once a man did flee the air,
to look for his God out there.
And peeked behind the nearest star,
in hopes he would not be too far.
And flew around in outer space,
looking for his hiding place.

But he was unsuccessful still,
in finding where God kept himself;
and quite thought at every turn
he'd find his God, for which he yearned.
And he searched both far and wide,
but no sign of God did find.

And he felt quite sick at heart,
that his great search had this poor start.
"Where is God?", thought he-
I have searched all space that be.

And then beside him spake a voice,
that made his very soul rejoice.
"I am thy God," it said,
“to which this search of yours has led.”

"I was beside you all the time,
but then as now, you were still blind.
You never seemed to know
I was close to your soul.
They seek in spirit, and in truth
who would heaven's door unlock.

And now return, and find thy way,
and seek me here no more today.
For I exist oh everywhere--
both in thy home, and in the air,
and I am with you, here as there.

So return now to your home,
and this acquaintance always own-
for I will be with you there,
for I am always, everywhere.

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With the Sages
He spoke with the sages in their mountain retreat,
and they told him about the birds and the beasts;
and the nature of all living things,
about the earth, and about the wind.
And delicacy of telling time,
and all the subjects they could find.
And mystery of celestial spheres,
and laws of light, and counting years.

These dissertations did he hear,
until the end was drawing near,
and he became so wistful and still
they wondered at his lack of will.

"You look so solemn," they said.
"Is there something not clear or open?
Is there a thing of any sort
that troubles you or has retort?"

"It's none of these things," he said, "alas,
that makes me wistful and feel a lack."
He gazed across the cloudy sky
and said, "If I this day do die,
I know the secrets of life, and man,
and of the wind, and of the land.

You have bequeathed to me
all earthly study that there be.
But there is just one thing I lack-
the childish wonder I gave back.

Altho it's great wisdom all things to know-
the things you taught me a while ago-
Still I'd not change it for wonder and awe,
and a child's delight with the things he saw.
Where all life is a mystery,
and all delight, an odyssey.

To hold in your mind a mystery
is all-occupying, for such as these—
and pass happy, and innocent hours,
filled with the wonder of rainbows and flowers."

And the sages shook their heads,
at the things this man had said.
"It is clear," said they,
"that you love a mystery."

Wonder is the starting point
of all our thoughts, and things we think.
And so a world with wonder there
is inspirational, and fair.

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When life's trials are more than you can bear—
you cannot see hope anywhere-
then put your hand in his, and ease the pain;
you will walk again, again.

What a comfort for his arms to bear
the overload of trials, pain and care.
Giants fall to him oh every day,
and he has eased their pain, and lit their way.

If your purpose you cannot achieve,
and God's great goodness seems hard to believe;
try the gentle Savior one more time,
and all life's greatest blessings you will find.

God, our Father, thou only one,
bless us as this day is done.
Let us gently leave our care,
and see that only thou art there.
Let us see thee strong and clear,
that thou our God art always near.
Let us form, and fast conceive,
the values thou hast set so plainly.
Let us steadfast hold to these,
above all weak and wanton wavering.
Let the choice be only thine,
as thou hast taught us time on time.
Let us not fear to go thy way,
for thou art judge, just as thou say.
If our time on earth is small,
thou art ruler over all.
In thee alone does time abide,
The universe thy kingdom find.

Lord, you can let your sheep graze on my pasture
There is food, and water there.
And we'd like to have you with us,
and your spirit share.

How peaceful it would be
if the Lord sent his flock to graze
on my meadow, on my pasture,
for many and many a day.

No evil would befall
a flock grazing there,
and hearts would rest easier
with the Lord, himself, in care.

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Only Thee
When my life on earth is through,
and I am far from men,
then I'll commune with only Thee
throughout all eternity.

Throughout all space and time,
everywhere I always find—only thee.
In all dimensions, sound and space—
everywhere and every place—only thee.

No worry, fret or care—
you are everywhere—
every comer, every turn
is just the answer that I yearn.

His Voice
Beautiful is the voice of the Lord,
in sonorous words outpoured.
Thunder and lightening, magnificent displays,
from the soft beat of rain, to the sun's last rays.

The voice of God, over all--
all his creatures, great and small.
From the first of life, to the last small sigh,
all are under his watchful eye.

The presence of God, eternally,
as long as ever time shall be.
We ask his blessing every day,
to lead us on the homeward way.
His voice, it calls, and leads us on.
His presence ever makes us strong.
Are there hidden rainbows in the air
that we can't see, but hanging there?
Maybe somewhat out in space,
or hanging in a hidden place?

Or maybe some are very small,
hanging on a garden wall
where the dew and drops of rain
have rainbow colors yet again.

Or maybe hanging over sea,
the mist has colors, easily.

For tho they're usually over all,
sometimes they're also very small.
And so we find in little things,
the Love of God is just the same.

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I Would Choose Thee, Lord
Of all things, I would choose thee, Lord.
Of the breeze thru the trees,
or a simple leaf,
or the sea at peace.

Of all things great and small,
or near and far—
a long journey,
or a distant star.

All these must be naught, compared with thee,
the genesis and end of our journey.
All time, all space, all life is thine,
essence of a life, divine.

A redwood is a tree of prayer
as it stands balanced in the air.
And many centuries pass it by,
as it stands closer to the sky.

A tree of great antiquity,
that dates itself back to B.C.
And centuries come, and centuries go,
but what they've seen, no creature knows.

And they whisper in the air,
and leave a kind of echo there,
reverberating thru the trees,
murmuring all they've heard and seen.

To live as long and well -as these,
they must exist just as God please.
And they stand a living prayer,
amidst His hallowed presence there.

And in extensive shade below,
a quiet sermon seems to grow,
the strength of patience, fortitude,
enduring reverence, as is good.

The Love of God, more steady than the sun,
for all his creatures, and creation.
The Love of God, for all eternity,
in placid peace, or high intensity.

Our highest dreams unfold before his eye,
but too he hears our deepest sigh.
The Love of God is mellow as the, spring,
but too he hears our deepest yearning.

We can never be beyond the reach
of God's great love,
here on earth, or heaven above.

A mother hears her baby's cry.
How much more God, a wakeful eye.
He is always hov'ring near;
we must awake, and see him clear.

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A Touch of God
A touch of God, it may be
can lead us to eternity.
A clear awakening, leading on,
step by step to the beyond.
A thread so light, yet going somewhere-
leading on, to lands so fair.
And from the first awakening touch
we can follow it so much
that growing vistas open wide,
and find the Love of God inside.
For love, you know, quite grows on you,
and His love is like that too.
To God we always can repair,
and find a strength and comfort there.
For all roads lead to only one-
God is all, since life's begun.

In a Cave
When I was young and careless,
I once had a vision
of men sitting in a cave
discussing their religion.

It looked just like an etching
in brown tones, and in cream,
with all of the old men
intently conversing.

Now these were very learned men,
and lived, as well as read;
and they were very earnest
in everything they said.

These sages spoke and listened,
and pondered all they heard;
and absorbed the nuances,
and all that was inferred.

It seemed that they'd been talking
for maybe many years,
and yet they were intent
on all that they did hear.

It was a real privilege
to see men such as these,
with no ulterior motive
but truth, as each one sees.

As I beheld and listened,
I watched the face of each,
and it seemed to me
that I could hear them speak.

One spoke of truth, and one of love,
and one spoke of giving.
They spoke of awe and prayerfulness,
and attitudes of living.

And tho these were the aspects
of a larger whole,
it seemed it was this oneness,
that earnestly they strove.

In spite of conversation
there was a stillness there,
of equal concentration,
and dedicated air.

And I sat fascinated
by the hum and drone,
for they were far my betters,
in their minds' rich loam.

In every word, in every thought,
their calculations shone,
in exact expression
of life that was their own.

How to live, and how to be,
and how to grow and gain,
were topics of discussion
that never seemed to wane.

All these men were searching
for what way was best,
and never seemed to tire,
or ever need to rest.

And some of them it seemed
were as old as time,
with very ancient garb,
and many weary lines.

You could not help but wondering
what their eyes had seen,
many, many landscapes,
and many, many dreams.

They sat in deep discussion,
both from East and West,
but faces melted into one,
in their great earnestness.

And though I could not catch
exactly what was said,
I learned of dedication
that seemed to have no end.

I can't remember what they said,
or their philosophy.
The only thing that I recall
was their intensity.

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It was painted white, like a sepulcher,
and in it two angels lived
They lived by faith in God,
in all they said and did.

They were half-way from God to man,
in the things they were sent to do
and often were sent with messages
to people who never knew
the import of the moment,
or who they were speaking to.

It oft was warning, or advice
that God chose to give,
or sometimes to appear
to show them how to live.

These angels were very faithful
in all God said to do.
tho they only lived halfway
between heaven, and me and you.

It may seem quite lonely,
to be halfway between,
but his heavenly presence
succored them, it seems.

And they lived by the grace of God,
and his daily presence there,
in heightened expectation,
and in living prayer.

It takes a high development
to live such as these,
loosened from the earth
in lofty qualities.

And I see them as they sit there,
radiant and white,
and I say God is the God.
of power, and of light.

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A Poem to God
It seems like you are everywhere—
the best way I know how to say,
is when the wind blows,
and the leaves play.

And the stars in the sky materialized
and it was the fourth day.
And the wind blows the clouds in the night sky,
any way they may.

And God walks on the waters,
and troubles the deep,
where many a person lies asleep.

And troubled many a heart
caught in the throes of a life that's dark.

And lays a peace over all,
when they've come to the end of their earthly call.

And soothes many a troubled breast
caught in the toils of work, and rest.

And calls us home one day,
closer to Him, in every way.

Do you have to fill out an application blank
when you get to the outskirts of heaven?
Will you be quizzed and interviewed?
Is there room for one like you?

Will you be silent about your life here?
Is there anything to fear?
Will you be reluctant just to say
how you spent your days?

Will it be obvious to you you don't belong?
that your life held too much wrong.
Will you be afraid to say
I loved him every day?

If God in his creation
had omitted us,
would the world be better
without our speck of dust?

Would the trees be cleaner,
and streams be running clear,
and all the animals
have not man to fear?

It would be rather peaceful
without our roar and din,
and would the creatures miss us,
or would a better life begin?

Would God have less to vent
his furious wrath upon,
if all the world remained,
and only man were gone?

Or will it be, regardless,
in 10 million years,
there won't be any trace
that man was ever here.

It seemed I saw God's footprints
impressed upon the light,
glowing and pulsating...
Was I right?

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"I don't know what to do with you child,
for tho God loves you more,
your thoughts are far too flimsy
for what life has in store.
Search for him deeper, still apace,
absorb abundantly God's grace.
Grow in the quiet stillness there,
and meet with him in prayer.

Life for the saints was often hard,
and none of us is spared
from the torments of our travel,
tho you know I care."

Will There be Trees in Heaven?
Dear Lord, there is a question
I would like to ask,
to satisfy my longing,
and know the truth at last.

Will there be trees in heaven
for us to gaze upon,
and ripple in the wind,
to make our heart a song?

Cooling in the summer,
a sentry when it's cold,
always fascinating,
never growing old.

For of all the things you made,
I think I like them best,
and I would choose a cooling tree
over all the rest.

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Will There be Seas in Heaven?
Will there be seas in heaven,
to play along the shore
and dream of what's beyond,
enrapt for evermore?

For land is made for certitude,
and seas are made for dreams,
to while away an hour
in peace, and restless yearning.

For while we may live on the land,
we look out to the sea
and think of all the things beyond,
whatever they may be.

When we fail, tho we go by thy guide.
When we fail, tho we tried.
When life gets far away
from what is thy way...
Lead us, oh Lord, when we have strayed.

Do not ever let us dwell
in a desert we can't tell
where thy silver voice is heard
leading us to peace preferred.

Let us stay most near to thee,
forever for eternity.
Let us thy least command obey,
every evening, every day.

Thy servant waiteth, Lord,
outside the fast closed door.
Wait for thy command,
that we may love thee more.

"Knock and it shall open.
Seek and ye shall find."
Would our Lord's commands
be any other kind?

Thy Word is open to us,
to point to us the way.
Dear Lord ever bless us
upon this wondrous day.

Thank you heavenly Father, Mother,
for thy loving care,
and protection thru the day,
that thou are always there.

Forgive us and be with us
as we go thru the day.
Lead us in thy heavenly light,
for this we pray.

I pray unto thee. God,
and all my troubles spill away,
An hour with thee,
and my cares are gone.

Only to be in thy presence,
my heart is renewed.
May trouble be far from me,
in the memory of thee.

The night is so deep, and full of peace,
don't disturb it now.
Sit in the quiet, and let it steep;
still your thoughts, somehow.

Think of the things that are made of God,
the soul's acquaintance with peace, and sobs.
And let yourself be part of these....
of sky, and night, and peace, and trees.

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My Lady
I know a lady reticent,
with soft and quiet ways.
She's stood upon my organ
for lo these many days.

Her head is bowed in reverence
that makes you more aware.
Her hands are clasped together
as she stands in prayer.

Her cheeks are soft, her eyes are closed,
as she stops to pray.
She wears a long, full peasant dress,
and must have worked today.

Wheat is gathered in her skirt,
and at her feet, a scythe,
and every time you look at her
she seems more alive.

Her dress is gold, befitting
the grace she carries there,
and the hours spent with God—
this one so long in prayer.

Oh God our creator. Maker of all,
How am I in thy world, I am so small.
Thy heavens enrapture the greatest minds,
and thy infinite mysteries ponderings find.
Thy wisdom is far beyond knowing,
when all the sky is glowing,
and life breathes its sigh,
never knowing why.

Oh God of all thy mysteries,
there's a certain one,
that we know very little of,
or how its course will run.

This mystery is love,
and little do we know
of how the tide will turn,
or how it ebb and flow.

The power of the ocean
we know something of,
but when it comes to passion,
it is myriad.

Thine own love to us
is sweetest that we find,
if we live forever,
or in this own lifetime.

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