A Touch of God - VI

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God VI Writings
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Quips and Poems

The Ancientness of God

Storms of the Soul

The Blessing of Understanding


Mystery Ideals Was it a Dream

Can You Meet God with a Smile

Judge Not, that Ye Be Not Judged

Tune Me

Nuances of God

Selflessness, the empty hand

Walking with God

Dear Lord, Bless the Animals

Eye on Eternity

Living Prayer

Values – Yesterday and Today

A Humble Prayer

If Thine Eye Be Single

Steps Beyond

In the Eyes of God

Rain is Life

Pray for your Enemies

Rain has Forgiveness

Christ’s Hair




Till the Light of God Comes Thru

What God Has Joined Together, Let No Man Put Asunder


Remember the Happy Things

On the Tormenting of Dogs


If I Don’t Go To Heaven…

God Hates Arguing  

Do The Clouds Know They Are Beautiful

How to Run Over People, the Philosophy of Some of the Younger Set


Heaven Calls

Love is Greater


The Beauty of God

On the Persecution of Animals, especially Wild Animals


Beauty is Healing

Heaven for the Creatures


Glorifying God

The Cruelty of the Christian Religion


All Men Cast a Shadow

The Great Commandments


The Golden Rule in 7 World Faiths

God Is Love

The Visit


God is Infinite Wisdom

I suppose there is always a reason to hate


The Majesty of God

Love, or, Without Power    



The Riches of God

My Will    

God is not a Christian



The Ancientness of God
Older than the earth,
older than the sea,
older than the sky
is the God I seek.

Older than the sun,
older than the rain,
older than all memory
of life or anything.

Before the wind began to blow
or creatures sought their dens
or rivers rushed down to the sea –
no one knows just when.

As old as time itself
or consciousness began –
the qualities of God
as yet unknown by man.

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The Blessing of Understanding
Understanding is a subject
that is very big,
not only is a blessing
but we must work for it.

School helps in many ways
learning how to think,
but only life itself
provides the missing links.

A sympathetic point of view
to people in despair
carries thru the heart
a tone of softness there.

Understanding people
is just part of it –
understanding life
is the ultimate.

As life flows thru time
and older we become
we can see the sources
and also see the outcome.

Age is quite important\
in philosophy of life,
to see the major streams
flow and then divide.

As far as we can get
from our daily life
gives us more perception
of what our life is like.

And gives us peace abundant
from our daily cares
to think in larger terms
lifting from despair.

God is always with us
as we go along
and learn from sadness on the way
where everything belongs.

And if we put our hand in his
we learn a better way
for people and for heaven
with everything in place.

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When the world is full of magic
and wonder’s in the air
we search out al the skies
to find a mystery there.

Something far beyond our reach
where our mind can fly
to something tantalizing
way up in the sky.

Or on a misty day
there’s magic in the air
as we try to see
what is hidden there.

It moves around intriguingly
enticing us to see
what is behind it,
hidden mystically.

Or sometimes close to earth we find
something curious too
that we never saw before,
something that is new.

And wonder what it is
from every point of view
but we get no answer,
cannot find a clue.

There’s mystery of growing things
and mystery of the sea
and mystery of life
and even air we breathe.

There’s mystery in ancient things
and mystery in the new.
Our life is yet a mystery
that we can’t see into.

Love’s a mystery too
and never does it end
whether it’s God’s love
or whether it is men’s.

The rosary has mysteries
joyful, sorrowful too
and mysteries most glorious
our soul to renew.

And there are many laws
the scientists do see
where they were intrigued
by a mystery.

But all that is mysterious
doesn’t need be known.
It’s mystery itself we love
as in days of old.

For some of us don’t like
to wrap it up in laws
but let the soul fly free
in wonder and in awe.

For mystery rings us close to God
in spirit and in truth
and lifts us from our daily life
more like in our youth,
when all things were wondrous
and everything was new
and which of them was best
we really couldn’t choose.

And when we come upon them
it’s always good to know
they’re given by our Father
to all of us below.

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Can You Meet God with a Smile
At the end of the day,
happy to see him
that he came your way…

Nothing to hide and your conscience is clear,
trying your best to please him right here.
So happy with blessings that fell on the way
and cheered you and strengthened your path for the day.
And kindness and goodness your way did surround
maintaining their essence when hatred abounds.
Accepting the blows that came on your way
without the deep hatred that many waylay.

At the close of your life can you smile and say
I loved you and followed you each passing day.
You opened my eyes to the love that is there
and I never lost sight of the glory you bear.
And year after year as the days hastened on
I followed the light lest it sometime be gone.
And tried to live up to all that thou art
tho you know it perfection our lives as they are.

And happiness let me
on paths that were true
or lifting a sorrow
of someone I knew.

And to say at the end
God always was here
and smile for I loved him
and found him quite near.

Nuances of God
God is a storm and raging waves,
a typhoon or a hurricane.
God is the silence afterward
when no sound at all is heard.
He’s every tone from loud to still,
every one is in his will.
God’s not only the extremes
but all the shadings in-between.
God does every nuance tell
and all the tones there are as well.

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Dear Lord, Bless the Animals
Dear Lord, protect the creatures
and keep them in thy care,
in forests and on tundra,
at sea or in the air.

Bless the creatures slain by man
in their homelands by his hand –
hunters, poachers, out of place
slay and skin and horns to take
and even bones of tigers sell
to those who think they make them well.

Creatures that were made by God,
beautiful and living flocks
torn asunder by these hands
to mutilate and sell askance.

No place to hid, no place to go
for men pursue by foot and road
and trafficking in bones and hide
makes then cruel, takes their life.

But in our heart a constant prayer
for innocent wildlife everywhere.
And for the creatures land and sea
we found we loved ‘most instantly.
We ask you take their souls with thee,
pursued by man so relentlessly.

Living Prayer
Living prayer’s to live your life
as if it were a prayer
and put your hand in his
and to leave it there.

And to obey him in all things
that he’d have us do
for in heaven the angels
do obey him too.

And send our love and gratitude
for his watchful care
for he loves his children
here and everywhere.

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A Humble Prayer
Altho we use our biggest words
to praise our great Creator,
it’s really in the little things
we notice he is greater.

As we do our daily work
he’s with us many times
and helps us with the little tasks
and hurdles that we find.

When we grow very old
he helps us on the way
and we see he’s been here
each and every day.

Thus humbly we do pray
and thank him for his help
when we could not really
do it by ourselves.

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Steps Beyond
It seems the Ten Commandments
are only just a part
of his will for us,
they’re only just a start.

He may have some further things
he wishes us to do,
to carry out his will
if we would see it thru.

There may be steps beyond
of which we never thought,
directly in the will of God
that we so earnest sought.

And while we don’t know what they are,
he will make it clear
if he wishes us to do
something else down here.

And so the worlds religions
may not be far apart,
for there are hidden steps
beyond those at the start.

Even in the Bible,
to the rich young man,
Jesus said to him
but one thing thou doest lack.

He told him to sell everything
and give it to the poor
but he went away
sadly as it were.

And so we do not know
what God may have in store
as we travel on in time
closer all the more.

His will is absolute
and he rules all space.
He makes all the rules,
not we he did create.

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Rain is Life
As it comes tumbling down
and drenches all the ground.

I love to hear the rain come down
as it drenches all the ground
and wakes the soul that is within
with a happiness akin
to water and to rain and bliss
and life itself depends on it.

There is holy water
and holy watering spots
where all that may be needed
is a single drop.

For water is God’s grace
giving one more chance
at a life that’s holy,
that for which we ask.

And happiness returns
in the tumbling rain
of God’s great blessing to us
never just the same.

For rain renews the soul
and gives us life again
and from the soul was given,
in his great grace was sent.

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Rain has Forgiveness
We find forgiveness
in the falling rain,
coming on and on
to take away our pain.

The drops of steady rain
beating on the ground
reassures our soul
that release is found.

God’s forgiveness goes thru us,
thru a beat up soul
torn by heavy strife
a story very old.

And in the rain
assuagement of our grief
that comes from life
and tears away our being.

In the rain forgiveness
and God is in the rain
inside our very life
and drains away the pain.

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Seek for the tings
that appeal to you
in the quest of the highest,
a thread running thru.

Leading to oceans
and leading to seas
of his bountiful grace
that is given so free.

Keep every blessing
close by your side
to help you and cheer you
with God as your guide.

Seek for the happiness
joy ripples in.
only a little
enough to begin.

Seek for the peace
that quells all the storms,
strength to remain
till the daylight is born.

And a road that is long
to travel each day
and see all the loveliness
set by the way.

Seek for the place
where happiness leads
into the clear
of an open dream.

Seek for the way
of the highest that be,
God is all bliss
and eternity.

Seek for the qualities
God has alone,
on the horizon
as far as we go.
If we but love them
our heart will expand
to saints and to monks
as happiness can.

And when we have found him
we love him the more
for everything beautiful,
just as before.

As long as we live,
as far as we go,
only eternal
and sacred do flow.

The essence of everything
joyful, divine
unfolding before us
with wonder, we find.

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Till the Light of God Comes Thru
if you have a terrible problem
and don’t know what to do,
search for it and stay with it
till the light of God comes thru.

In any situation
God is always near
if we only look for him
till he becomes quite clear.

Or if the way is dark
and you don’t know how to go,
follow step by step
each little thing he shows.

Tho you can’t see the way ahead,
follow as he says
until the darkness disappears
going as he led.

And when the light of God comes thru
and the darkness ends
whether in your mind or life,
happiness ascends.

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Remember the Happy Things
Remember the happy things
for they are from God too,
for he loves your soul,
its wonders to renew.

A rosary of happy things
ever close to you,
a rosary of happiness
your soul to renew.

When our life goes wrong
we often have to blame
only just ourselves
or sometimes other things.

But when our life goes right
and happiness abounds,
it always is God’s touch
that makes our joy resound.

And so we see we find him
in happiness and joy
and our heart expands
like a flame on oil.

For God has touched our soul
and hastened it to glow
and we are very happy
that he has made it so.

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If I Don’t Go To Heaven…
The clouds will still flow
and the wind blow.

The cool brooks will flow
to the plains below.
The sun will still shine
and the world be light.

The lilacs will still smell sweet
ad the trees compete for our love.

God’s world will reign
in the fierce or gentle rain.

The oceans will still roar
and lap the shore.

And birds will fly
as long as there is life.

And the Song of God
heard in the still night…
Listen… See… God is always good.

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Do The Clouds Know They Are Beautiful
Do the clouds know they are beautiful…
or do they just roll along.

Do the trees know we love them?
They may.

Are the brooks happy as they rush to the sea?

Do the creatures worship God in their dens at night?

Let The Birds Have Their Secrets
Let the birds have their secrets
that we may wonder about.

Let the creatures roam in their natural places
undisturbed by man.

Let the trees sway in the gentle air
above the cares of man.

Let the streams flow free
from the mountains to the sea.

Let man rest in the arms of God
in his beautiful world.

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Heaven Calls
Heaven calls…
on the other side.

We long to see our children,
animals or friends.

Other lives, other times,
for we knew them when…

Ancient things before we knew…
ancient cities that were few.

Other times, what was so,
many thousands years ago.

Ancient trees untouched by man,
unexcelled from God’s own hand.

Trees and creatures never seen,
God created from his dream.

Every sight is new to us
and wakes our soul from the dust.

And marvel at the things he made,
of substance and of light and shade.

There is no end to all we see,
even to eternity.

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The Beauty of God
God is beautiful
for everyone to see,
in the clouds and sky
and in the noble trees.

It is a quality
standing out so clear
in all of his creation,
both the far and near.

The rivers and the seas
and ponds and lakes, and trees
and mountains towering high above
strongly, silently.

And when we see the light
thru the forest trees
it seems like a cathedral
made just as he please.

And the forest creatures
accent when he made
and play and live contentedly
if man’s not in the way.

There’s beauty in his power
as in a raging sea,
not to be upon
but awesome yet to see.

For power used for righteousness,
instruction of our lives,
is bold and clear, a warming makes,
more holy in his sight.

Some people seem to radiate
a love of soul too
and make us conscious of his love
and beauty thru and thru.

For goodness has a radiance
affecting all who see
with qualities intangible
appearing happily.

And when we see God’s beauty
wherever we may find,
we’re inspired by his love
and that he is so kind.

And try to lead our life
that best way that we know,
full of love of God
and beauty that he shows.

And when you see God’s spirit
shining from some eyes
you marvel at his handiwork
that you realize.

The beauty of the trees
and of the creatures too
and beauty of a soul
reflect in us anew.

And feel a gratitude
whenever we do see
the beauty of our God
shine in all of these.

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Beauty is Healing
Something beautiful we say
helps take the sores and wounds away.
if it’s something that we see
that makes us walk so happily
or something that we’ve seldom heard
that almost makes our soul to burst.
All of these inspire the soul
and we forget our wounds untold.

A song of beauty wrapped in mist
that gets inside and will not quit –
A verse of scripture close to you
with understanding thru and thru –
or beautiful the clouds on high,
living, moving, in the sky.
Or an understanding touch
that raises hopes returned from dust.

For beauty takes the pain away
we well as Thank you prayers we say
and learning to appreciate
all his wonders small and great.
For God is here among us no
in all his glory that we fond.
And ever beautiful shall be
for all to hear and all to see.

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Glorifying God
We often hate the bad things
befalling us in life
but we can turn around
their darkness if we like.

They are an opportunity
to glorify our God
and we may use them this way
and not bemoan our lot.

For every tragedy
may glorify your God
by the people here on earth
if they resist it not.

He says, Resist not evil
and it is often true
acceptance is the best way
to see a dark place thru.

But we can go beyond
for God is waiting there,
not hesitate to smile,
his kingdom everywhere.

And by your very nature
show that you believe
and live within His world
for everyone to see.

And tragedy is turned to love
of God for all to see,
reaching for his kingdom
which lives eternally.

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All Men Cast a Shadow
The darker side of them
of seething acts and feelings,
the tide some do not stem.

But Christ had no shadow –
he said that he was light –
and light does cast no shadow
but everywhere is bright.

The saints too cast no shadow
of hatred or of fear
or hurting any man
is any way while here.

The rest of us have shadows
which sometime disappear
or sometimes very strong
as God is far or near.

When we are in love
we do never see
the shadow of the other
as it really be.

We concentrate upon the light
and happily we sing,
unaware of tragedy
that life may ever bring.

And while we don’t know why
the shadows that are there
we must yet improve
by diligence and prayer.

We must improve our life
so he’ll be satisfied
and turn the shadows into light
and happiness we find.

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God is the power
created the stars
part of the universe
just as they are.

And energy endless
it seems that the stars
exemplify power
much greater than ours.

But energy smaller
that each of us has
carries thru life
as long as it lasts.

Given by God
it each as a trust
to exemplify goodness
created from dust.

And energy lasts
as long as he wills
for us to be good
and worship him still.

What is his plan
in eons of time
none of us know
but strive to enlight.

For his is all power
he mercifully keeps
away from his children
in ways that he sees.

but our energy’s given
to live in his ways
continued beyond
if he says that we may.

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God is Love
You don’t need to think of God –
think of all the trees
and all the things you really love,
for he is part of these.

Think of all the sunsets,
rainbows in the air,
and breathless things you find,
for he is really there.

But he stepped out of all he made
and never said a word,
so we would love the things he made,
everything on earth.

But when we love these very much
we find that he is there
and in our heart and soul
we find that there’s a prayer.

And as our soul expands in space
we are lost in his
and find at last the soul of God
and the infinite.

For he is a God of love
and those that do love best
ever find him somewhere,
sometime, and are blessed.

God is Immanent in his Creation
 but he can rest too…
God is in each raindrop
that falls from heaven above.
God is in each whisper
consoling and of love.

God is in the wind that blows
across the barren plains
and dust that storms across the miles
from the lack of rain.

God is in each sound you hear
of the cricket’s chirp –
a message of delight and joy
it sends across the earth.

And rivulets of water
starting to the sea
carry many blessings
for their happy journey.

As life comes ever to us
and slowly passes on,
we see his works more clearly,
clearly as the dawn,
and find him everywhere we search
as in a hidden prayer.
Our heart is joyous of him
for we find him there.

God is in our consciousness
as we learn of him
and recognize his presence
as higher life begins.

Altho he’s often in it
sometimes he lets it go
and watches his creation
as it ebbs and flows.

And tho he’s always near us
and is in us too
we must reach out to know him
in life that’s conscious too.

for many pass him by
even tho he’s there
and never know his greatest love
or his greatest care.

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God is Infinite Wisdom
Tho we can’t understand
the things that happen to us
or get out of hand.

We don’t know why we suffer
or why some things went wrong.
We know he understands
tho the time is long.

We cannot reach his goodness,
we cannot understand,
but just keep going on
the best way that we can.

God is all that’s beautiful,
and loving, great and true,
a challenge to be like him
in everything we do.

Every quality he has
is infinite in scope,
endless in creation,
variety and tone.

Love and wisdom qualities
that fascinate us most,
and his understanding
above we ever know.

His goodness and his mercy
are for all to see,
the qualities of God
existing endlessly.

God is infinite wisdom,
and tho he knows all things,
lets us listen to them
as life his message brings.

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The Majesty of God
Existing from all time,
he set the stars in place –
created all the universe
but man was not a trace.

Majesty and power belong
to him without a flaw.
Sacred, hallowed is his name
inspiring and in awe.

Heaven is his throne
and earth his footstool.
Glory shines from him,
surround by angels too.

His handiwork the stars in space
the grass, the trees, the air.
Yet grace is like a jewel to him
and flows on as a prayer
if we deserve the grace of God
upon our soul somewhere.

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Numbers fascinated me
as to what their meaning be.
Besides those in a worldly sense
spiritual ones have meaning yet.

The lower numbers hard to find
for in unconscious they do hide
and wonder oh so many times
as their meaning try to find.

People too have numbers yet
as to their development,
how far they came in lives before
and where they are advancing more.

Some souls young, some souls old
but their number we aren’t told.
Developing in consciousness
as in our lifetimes we progress.

It gives us much to think upon
and weigh the numbers we are on,
considering everything we know
and find the value as it shows.

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Love, or, Without Power
Love has many qualities
a blessing to our life,
but love goes empty handed
of power or of might.

She suffers very deeply
the scars that others made
but having thus been wounded,
does not do the same.

Having no hostility
or anger in return,
she does not fight a battle
even tho she’s hurt.

Defenseless you might say
in a world of might
and often is run over
by the strong who fight.

Love is oft downtrodden
by those who are not good
or have to have their own way
just because they could.

She often takes a beating
or lashing of the tongue,
but does not give back hate
to them or anyone.

And hate is often flung at her
for reasons quite unknown,
and saddens all the journey
that she makes alone.

It seems she would be loved,
but often it’s not true
and rocks and stones are thrown at her
as angry people do.

Sometimes she goes as captive
and is led away
to a foreign element
sapping all her strength.

And thru the dark and thru the night
she makes her way alone,
feeling for the way ahead
o’er the rocks and stones.

This may go on for many years
and ragged, barefoot, torn,
down heartened by the difficulty,
weak and weary, worn.

But God has watched along the road
although she did not know
and bound up many wounds
of her heart and soul.

And walked with her along the way
tho he was unseen
and suffered all the hardship
and hatred that was heaped.

Why this is we do not know
but just keeps going on,
for it never does seem clear
till after we are gone.

And the waters cover over
and never do they say
why a certain thing ahs been
or why it was that way.

But glimpses showing here and there
sometimes do reveal
a light within the waters
and guessing what was real.

And they have gone unto their rest
and leave the others here to guess
what it was that drove them on
and lingers after they are gone.

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When your heart is weary
and night hangs in the sky
the shadow of our God
you may find nearby.

For he has compassion
on the weary soul
and he may lead you into lands
or beauty quite untold.

He may dissolve the film
that is on our eyes
to see the greatest sights
that we can realize.

And soothe us and console us
for we are his own
and reach in deep compassion
his child far from home.

And people who are Godlike
may have compassion too
for the sick and poor
who suffer as they do.

For all forms of suffering
are impressed on saints
and on men who care
for any kind of pain.

Grief is also suffering
or the pain of war
and many kinds of torment
besetting us the more.

Even persecution
it is sad to say
has followed thru the centuries
and still is here today.

But men who have compassion
try to lift the weight
of all these evil forces,
the suffering and the pain.

They have the sacred goal
of helping those who suffer
in body, mind or soul
or finding any other.

However hard we try
it’s difficult to see
a great and lasting difference
how great our efforts be.

But compassion is
a godly quality
that hovers over suffering
consoling all the grief.

And many prayers are said
for those who suffer pain,
pleading for his mercy
that is go away.

And in the heart of God
compassion is most clear
for his many children
or creatures that have fear.

For he holds the creatures
close within his heart
and all of his creation
with which he does not part.

Sometimes he heals us
in body or in mind
and we are oh so grateful
to love him all the time.

And never do lose faith
if life is heard again
for we now have found
he is our deepest friend.

So we worship and reflect
this godly quality –
compassion for all creatures
or anyone we see.

For God in heaven sets the tone
of everything we do
and following his footsteps
we will see it thru.

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The Riches of God
Tho your life may be downtrodden
as far as you may see,
yet you may have riches
that are quite unseen.

Tho you may be downhearted
when all the struggle’s thru
there may be a blessing
still inside of you.

And tho your life’s in ashes,
it may have had a flame,
and memory in your heart
that all of life remains.

And tho you tried your hardest,
it may not have come thru
with all the gifts of happiness
you wanted for it to.

But God has richest blessings
for struggling in his name,
tho they may be different than
the one you thought he gave.

They may be understand,
compassion, peace or care
that come to you in time
as you were struggling there.

Or maybe sights so beautiful
as you have ever seen,
graciously are given
as if in a dream.

His gifts are of the spirit,
bestowed on any man
worthy of his blessings
as we know he can.

And as a special blessing
he may have given too
gifts in great abundance
that were new to you.

And when your days are over
deep inside of you
may be the richest blessings
as you ever know.

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My Will
I will to leave these qualities
to those who’ve gone before
as further dedication
to what life is for.

Courage at the doorstep
of those who’ve gone before
as a meager offering
to those who’ve done much more.

My faith I place unaltered
and lay it at the feet
of martyrs down thru history
who had no further need.

My heart I lay but humbly
for heroes gone before,
inspiring and courageous:
we could ask no more.

Compassion lay a fountain
for those who came to take
the bitter waters and the sweet
obscurely as they lay.

My tears I leave most thankfully
as most people can
for a world of suffering
hard to understand.

My effort I lay humbly
at the feet of God,
making of it what he will
or any value of.

Understanding at a pace
somewhere in between
foundation and the summit
of our life and dreams.

My offerings are little
beside the ones gone by
and in truth they fade to dust
tho never we know why.

Our soul belongs to God of courage
to do with as he will,
after all the offerings made
and it lies quiet and still.

He may be satisfied to leave
it resting as it lay
or may dissolve its essence
into a further day.

God is not a Christian
God is not a Christian
a Muslim or a Jew,
but waits for all his children
whichever path they choose.

He is light and radiance –
on all his children shines –
with a love eternal
and a light divine.

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Storms of the Soul
There are storms of the soul, just as we hear loud and crashing noise in music, or the sea roaring.  Disturbances of peace or peacefulness.  Clashes without can make clashes within, turmoil and distress.

Some may not survive, as in upheavals of a country, war or revolution.  There may be storms within almost any time as life fluxes and changes.  Some changes may be for the better, as a storm clears the air.  Some may sink the person, circumstances too hard to bear, struggle too great.

Gifted people may have many storms, as in music or art.  We hear these storms and resolution of storms in music.  Beethoven is a good example.

A person may often grow as a consequence of storms within if they do not swamp him.  He may be a better person or acquire new qualities.  Most likely he has more understanding as he goes along in the flow of life.

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There are still some places we can find silence, the priest, for example.  What people tell him drops in a deep well, covered over.  He is not expected to say.  Some monks take a vow of silence.  It gives them a deeper awareness of God.

Some people are naturally like that, some of the older men, for example.  You feel that whatever you say, it all stays inside them.

The silence of night is something we don’t experience much anymore.  Most of us live in cities or big cities.  There is noise all night.  However when silence is present it is restful and renewing.  Whether you sleep or don’t sleep, it is refreshing.  It is a oneness with heaven.  Rain may also do this.  We feel grateful.

In a deep forest the overall silence is profound.  It is a deep quiet, almost a presence.  What sounds there are are natural, like a tree creaking or a brook.  You forget yourself entirely and are only conscious of the trees, rocks, sun.  There is no self, only the surroundings.  There is stillness, yet it is full.  It is impressive, soft and yet full.  It is more religion then the churches, (except cathedrals).  It is God-given, real, the way he intended it to be.  You are grateful to him and love him for it.

You can also find silence at sea, or on a mountain top, at a favorite fishing spot on in the country.  It is renewing to the soul.

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Ideals and religion go together.  They are the ideals of the soul.  In all of our quest it is ideals that lead us on, on into heaven which is an ideal too. 

All the Bible verses we learn have ideals in them, as Love the Lord they God with all thy heart and soul and mind and strength, and thy neighbor as thyself.  These are the great commandments.  (Mark 12:30, 31).  It is not only idealistic, it is a challenge too.  We are supposed to make it a reality in our lives.  We have to work at it.  The ideal is the light leading us.  Each person competes with himself to do better.  They strive hard.  Everyone can win.  There is room for all.

Values are ideals we live by, as love, wisdom, tolerance.  We cherish these as being the greatest values of our life.  We live up to them to make a strong country, and wise.  A country must have ideals and values to be God-like and survive.

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Judge Not, that Ye Be Not Judged
Only God knows the reason why things happen.  Whether tragic, cruel or everyday.  He is the only judge.  We may blame the wrong person or misjudge motives or circumstances.  As we get older we can see better, understand, but we should try to avoid condemning.

With one’s own children I think it does not apply.  We are their masters, so to speak, and the decisions are ours.  We decide what is right.  We are the best judge.

Life is so complex today it would be difficult to judge much at all.  We can only take a guess.  We understand very little of our life today.  There is not only the person, but complex circumstances sometimes beyond our knowledge.  We may have understanding but only God knows it all.  Even the person himself may not know why he does something.  He may never have thought of it.

Take the case of the woman who obeys her husband, as given in the marriage vows.  A vow is sacred.  It is God’s will.  You may not understand why she does some things, but it may be that she was told to.  It may be that it wasn’t her idea either.

Or take the case of workmen or servants with a master.  It says (Peter 2:18, 19, 20) to obey the master, whether he is good or whether he is frowned.  This is very difficult too, but you are obeying god’s will.  Obey when it’s difficult as well as easy.

Let life slide by sometimes without judging.  Only God knows the recesses of our heart, or what our life has been.  Also his thinking is different than ours, and so far above it that we can’t know it.  God is the only judge.

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Selflessness, the empty hand
Selflessness, the empty hand,
ideal of the East.
The way to God of godly men,
the monks and of the priests.

Krishna, the oldest god, was at the beginning of the Hindu religion.  He taught that selflessness was a pathway to God.  Men should be selfless.

Eye on Eternity
In this life we should always keep an eye on the eternal, the direction in which we are going.  We should not get so wrapped up in what we are doing that we lose our sense of direction.  Daily life should not swamp our eternal values.  If we live life after life till we go his way, we should remember it now.

There is only one way, God’s way, which is eternal.  His way is without flaw.  If we are immerse in a life which is not his way, or are sidetracked or rebellious, we are not living in the way of the eternal.  We must reach and flow in his way, as it was meant to be.  This is the only way.  It is the way of God.

Values – Yesterday and Today
Richard says that in each succeeding generation the standards have been lowered.  What was wrong in our parents’ time for example, was not wrong in our time.  Things that were wrong in our time were not thought wrong by our children.  Everything has been lowered.  The marriage vows are not followed either.  Often we don’t recognize our own children, or see them as being like us.  The values have been lowered.  Everything has changed.

The lower values of each generation pull down the level of quality of the whole people.  It is constant pressure downward.  The children pull down the level of the family.  United, they tear it down.  They are not trying to live up to their parent’s standards but rather insist on their own way.  If they don’t like it they leave home or go on the streets.  They pull down the whole society from what it was.

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If Thine Eye Be Single
I think this means to keep your eye on one thing, a godly quality.  Eventually, they say, it will pull you through.  They often give honesty as a start.  If you cling to it, the other qualities will come too.

A much harder one is obedience from the marriage ceremony.  The wife vows to obey her husband.  This is as difficult as you will want in some cases.  It is because God said to do it.  You are obeying God.  After a long time in difficult cases it does bring God and his blessings.  It is very rich in his blessings, even on earth.  I think it can pull you into heaven.  It depends.  It pulls a lot with it.  It pulls many qualities with it.  As it says, thy whole body may be full of light.  God’s blessings are unforgettable.  They are treasures.

In the Eyes of God
Tho we may please people, we should always strive to be upright in the eyes of God.  Ultimately, only God is our guide and judge.  He is the only one.  We must obey him.

God is always with us.  Each day we should ask ourselves if we did well or poorly in the eyes of God.  We must strive to be right in his eyes.  If we are, we have peace.  We must strive for this every day.

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Pray for your Enemies
This is a passage I never could understand, but all of a sudden it became clear to me.  If we prayed for our enemies to be better people then there wouldn’t be any trouble.  Pray for God to help them to be better.

One of the first times we did this, about a small thing really, he called the next morning and apologized.  It takes a big person to do this.  It was the answer to prayer.  We had asked God to help him in whatever way was best, and he did.

Christ was very strict about this as seen in the verses below.  if you can understand one example of it, you can work your way thru the others.  All will become clear.  If you understand it and do not do it, you are like the song – “Ain’t my brother, ain’t my sister but it’s me oh Lord, standin’ in the need of prayer.”

Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 5:43 Ye have heard that is hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thy enemy.
Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

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Christ’s Hair
The reason Christ’s hair was painted long and golden by European artists was so they could love Christ and hate the Jews.  He was not really Jewish, so to speak.  They could follow Christ and hate the Jews.   They forgot that he was Jewish.  Indeed, persecution has gone on 2,000 years.

Christ himself was Jewish, King  of the Jews, but by this means they forgot it and continued persecuting the Jews.

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Although children may be sweet, it is generally not their whole personality.  They can get mad too.  When older people are sweet, however, it is generally inclusive of more of their being.  If you go to a nursing home, you may see several ladies sitting there, say around 80, and they look sweet, and are sweet.

Men may be sweet too.  Sometimes it is because they have had sickness or sometimes it is more a part of their nature. They may be sweet too.

It is touching to meet someone who is really sweet.  You yourself cannot understand it because you are not that way.  Those who have it are probably unconscious of it.  A person who is really sweet cannot take care of himself in this world.  Someone else has to.  This is true of yogis also.  They are not worldly.  Sometimes they rely on God.

It is different than “as a child”.  A child hasn’t been tried yet.  These people have.  They have been thru life and come out this way.  They are past it.  It is hard to say what it is but you can recognize it.  There is no hatred, no resentment, no force… it is sweet.

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What God Has Joined Together, Let No Man Put Asunder
This warning at the end of the marriage ceremony is almost a threat.  It means leave them alone. I think the older people respect this most of the time, but not the younger ones.  I think this is mostly the girls.  They do what they want to calling, coming.  They never think of it.

We need to think of it in the old way.  There is so much excitement the new couple may not remember what the vows were, or what the minister said.  They may not have even known what the vows would be.  It should be given more attention, at least in the Protestant churches.  There is more to a wedding than a new dress.  It affects their whole life.

Life had many blows.  No one should add to the difficulties.  God has given a warning to anyone who tries to separate them.  It should not be forgotten.

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On the Tormenting of Dogs
Dogs are often tormented at home on in the laboratory.  Scientists think of nothing of using dogs for experiments.  They don’t care.  Anything for knowledge.  Even lesser people use them.  It is accepted or unknown.

To list cruelties to dogs would only give people ideas.  However I think it is widespread.  The Heavenly Father has other animals he could have placed on earth but it would not have been good for them.  Look how we treat the ones here.  There is not peace between us.  Dogs bear the burden of the cruelty of man.  We cast it on them.

It is a pleasure to see a happy dog, with or without its master or mistress.  They are well treated and happy.  Dogs are in many ways better than people.  They are more loving, more forgiving.  They are also able to be happy.  The Heavenly Father created them and he loves them all, because they’re good.

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God Hates Arguing
God hates arguing.  He made it clear to me.  Especially among married couples he doesn’t tolerate it for any reason.

The Bible in fact says aye and nay are enough for a married couple.  This would be hard to do.  However it illustrates the right direction.  Talking can lead to arguing.

Some monks take a vow of silence.  There would be no arguing (verbal).  The home too should be a temple just like church, with the same atmosphere, also respect.  God is in your home as well as church.  He pervades the atmosphere.  Arguing breaks it up.

Arguing is one person against the other and is usually destructive.  It is not a way of love.  It is not lovely either.  God doesn’t want it.

Is God Left Out of Some Religious Sects?
In some churches we hear people stamping and hollering for Christ.  This is the whole of their service.  Where is God?  they yell for the Son and not the Father.

These people go halfway.  They go as far as Christ and stop.  They do not go on to worship God.  God says he is the sum total of our worship.  “Love the Lord thy God woth all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind and with all thy strength.” (Mark 12:30).  This is the Great Commandment which precludes all others.  It goes on to say to love thy neighbor as thyself.  These are the sum of our religion.  Christ gave us these commandments himself.

The Lord’s Prayer is to God too. (Our Father).  Christ gave us this prayer too.  He said this was how to pray.  We are to worship god with the totality of our being.  This is his will.  Obedience is unto God, just as the monks take their vows.

It is God who can unite us and net divide us in religion.  In religions around the world they believe in God regardless of the other deities.  We believe in the same God.  We can become brothers under God without religious persecution.  We can become as one.

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How to Run Over People, the Philosophy of Some of the Younger Set
This is the generation of Do What You Want To Do.  No one is going to tell them what to do.  In fact, they are going to push over the adults.  If someone told them what to do, they not only weren’t going to do it, they were going to punish that person too.  In fact, anything they didn’t like, they were going to punish them.

This is how it works for a girl.
You start with your own family.  If the father runs over the mother, she runs over her too.  This continues for some time.  Eventually they may run over the father too.  Then they are ready for relatives, someone they know or meet later.  It makes no difference if that person has been good to them.  At the slightest thing they don’t like, they are on their Hit List, to do something to them.  As they go thru the relatives, they tear up the family.  They make plans for punishing people.  By knocking over the higher ups, they gain ascendance in their way of thinking.  Even if you’ve been good to them, they have to have their own way every time.

Here’s how it works for a wedding.
The invitation come addressed Bob and Dora.  Even though it is a wedding you are invited to, there is not indication that you and your husband are married.  On the inside it is worse.  They never called you aunt and uncle and on the inside they omit dear, too.  It begins bluntly, Bob and Dora.  If you go to the wedding, you are doing what she wants you to.  Then she will ask you to do something else, and something else, gaining ascendancy over you in her way of thinking.  If you don’t come, she will punish you.  You didn’t do what she wanted you to.  She is queen at the wedding, with the people who did what she wanted them to.  She will punish the others.

By tearing down others who are ahead of them, they strive to gain ascendancy.  If they knew it, this is the method of a witch.  It is a poor time to start with so many doing the same thing.  At then end it is shaky because everyone is aiming at them.  They may be sorry as time goes on.

These people are not only against their families and older people, they are against their country.

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Love is Greater
If you find you can’t forgive somebody, as your husband, and you’ve tried every way, come at it in a different way – love is greater.  It may be very bad and you can’t dissolve it, but love is greater, and above it.  It shines down on it.  All the saints had love.  God is love.  Join your efforts with his.  In the happiness and bright light of love, you don’t notice the offence much anymore.  And God approves love.

St. Paul says love is greater than faith and hope.  Indeed, love is greater than evil, and the things that happen to us.  Love “beareth all things, endureth all things.”  (1 Cor. 13).  Indeed, love may overcome these things in our lives.  We didn’t think we could forgive, and we forgive them.  It is not only passive but a welling up from within, positive.  Love is greater.

Christ says, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.”  (Matthew 5:44).  If we pray for our enemies, maybe they will change.  Maybe they will see the light.  Be on the side of your enemies’ improvement.  Pray that they may improve.

God is love.  If we live in love many things are possible.  We are a new person and many things improve.  Forgiveness will be easier.  Love is greater than the barrier to forgiveness.

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On the Persecution of Animals, especially Wild Animals
Persecution of animals is unforgivable, because they are innocent.  Take the tiger, for example, one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.  Some countries in Asia believe that powdered tiger bones are powerful remedies for health.  Poachers comb Asia for tigers at great prices.  They go to any length to satisfy their buyers.

To kill them is one thing, but to torture is another, this great and beautiful creature.  They say in a few years it will be all over, and the tiger will have been persecuted to extinction, except in the zoos.  The powerful lust for tiger bones will have won.  Tigers will be tortured no more.  May the Heavenly Father bless and keep each and every one in his care.

Small animals are tortured too, sometimes for the purposes of Voodoo.  Some of these are darling animals.  Imagine the terror of a small creature who is tortured alive.  Such great cruelty.

India has gone to great lengths to protect the tiger in reserves, but it is very difficult to do.  Poachers will go to any lengths to get to the tigers.  There is so much money in it.

If you ever happen to see a picture of torture or come across it in your own life, it will follow you all your life and you will grieve.  Animals cannot speak for themselves, but you know how they feel.

Although the Bible doesn’t directly say to be kind to animals, the Heavenly Father created each one and said that they were good.  Remember St. Francis’ great love for the animals.  Also Jesus was born amid the animals in the stable.  The Heavenly Father loves each one and takes them to be with him when their life is thru.  Keep them in your prayers, these great creatures of the Heavenly Father.

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Heaven for the Creatures
No matter how they pass away in this world, each and every creature goes to heaven.  They may have been mistreated by people or eaten by another animal, but they go to heaven.  They are carried to heaven by the Heavenly Father with the utmost love.  He created the creatures and he welcomes them back.  Some have fared well and some haven’t, but their troubles are over.

There are several heavens for creatures because there are so many of them.  The Heavenly Father knows exactly what they like.  It is peaceful and happy.  They don’t eat anymore but they drink the cool water from clear and beautiful streams.  There are no people to bother them.  In some cases where an animal and a person are very close, they do get together but this is a mystery.  You may see your pet in heaven.

It is beautiful in heaven.  Everything that’s on earth plus more.  There are rolling hills with high grass for the rabbits, who don’t have to fear for their lives.  There are rocky crags for mountain goats to play and leap.  There are forests and ponds and mountains and lakes.  The fish have many places to play. The Heavenly Father watches over all.  They are his guests in his beautiful world.

Every creature goes to heaven, because they are innocent.  They were made by God and return to God.  They are his.

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The Cruelty of the Christian Religion
I believe that the Christian religion is one of the cruelest of the religions, exceeded only by the Muslims.  The persecution of the Jews for 2,000 years is a good example of this.  Many people were also tortured during the Inquisition of the church.  It looked for heretics and tortured them itself.

The Western countries were cruel in the lands they conquered, especially England in her vast empire.  The settling of Australia is an example of this.  Other countries had their colonies too.  In this country we wiped out the Indians and were cruel to Blacks and the Jews too.  No country is free of this.

Is the Golden Rule, to love our fellow men, to be found in so-called Christian countries?  Are there any Christians in Christian countries?

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The Great Commandments
In Deut. 6:4,5, God says:

4 hear, O Israel:  the Lord our God is one Lord:
5 And thou shalt love the Lord they God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

And in Mark 12:29-31 Jesus said:
29 The first of all the commandments is, Hear O Israel; the Lord our God is one Lord;
30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself:  there is none other commandment greater than these.

In the Islamic religion they say there is one God too: it doesn’t matter what his name is.
The word trinity is not in the Bible.  The churches must have done that.  God says he is one God, the same as the Muslims.

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The Golden Rule in 7 World Faiths
Hinduism: Men gifted with intelligence… should always treat others as they themselves wish to be treated.
Buddhism: In five ways should a clansman minister to his friends and familiars:  by generosity, courtesy and benevolence, by treating them as he treats himself, and by being as good as his word.
Taoism: Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain, and regard your neighbor’s loss as your own loss.
Confucionism: What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.
Judaism and Christianity: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
Islam: No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.

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The Visit
Once there was a little girl sent down to meet the devil because he wanted a friend.

The next time she was sent to see the devil because he wanted to play.

He was very nice to her and God was watching too.  She was very different to him.  Innocence and play were something he saw little of.  She smiled, too, and he did too.  It was so different.  She was not afraid for he had sent for her.  After a while he felt better.  There was something about smiles and encouragement, happiness.  He invited her to stay a while so he could see her again.  She was curious to him but he liked her.  He thought she was brave too.  He didn’t want her to be afraid of him.

When she finally left, he asked her to come again.  Maybe in time, he said, I can be more like you.  he said he would remember her.

I suppose there is always a reason to hate
I suppose there is always a reason to hate, and a reason to love… or you can love without a reason, because you want to.
This is passion.

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  • Hallowed is – ancient, sacred, quiet, eternal.
  • If we walk toward a light, we can see where we’re going, but if we walk away from it, it is darkness.
  • Was Adam made from an atom?  It would have a lot of energy too.
  • We don’t think the Song of Solomon had anything to do with the church.  It was a Love Song.
  • Let kindness flow as a cascade of balm to wounded souls.
  • It is better to suffer than to cause suffering.  this is my personal philosophy.  I don’t want it on my mind that I have hurt someone, even though I get hurt.  Your life itself may hurt other people but not where you have a choice about it. I think I always believed this.
  • You can pray in your heart and not say a word for something you care about though it’s unheard.

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    Treasure every happiness
    before you see it go
    into limbo of the lost
    that weight of life does throw.

    Treasure every happiness
    in the afterglow
    that lights the way to heaven
    from the earth below
    and leads to all pur(?) dreams
    in God’s own world of peace
    where the struggle ends
    and difficulties cease.

    For God’s world is good
    and all our dreams come true
    in the glow of heaven
    that he leads us to.

    Was it a dream….
    Was it a dream
    so long ago,
    our tears and sorrow
    of life below….

    It seems that it
    all fades away
    and what will ever now replace.

    But there is comes now, heaven’s dawn
    and beauty going on and on,
    given by our Father’s grace
    our earthly efforts to replace.

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    Tune Me
    Tune me, oh Lord,
    when I am with thee.
    Tune my, oh Lord,
    for I got off-key.

    In the outside world in the clash and roar
    my life not mine, not anymore.
    But I obeyed just like you said
    and I got smashed and kicked instead.

    And never till the day I died
    did this abate or this subside.
    But ever was the pressure there
    against my soul, to my despair.

    And so, dear Lord, I ask of thee,
    now the world is gone,
    set me on a right path,
    with an old tune and a new song.

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    Walking with God
    Out of the night
    into the sunset,
    before it’s time to go.

    Walk with the Lord
    into the sunset,
    rejoicing as you go.

    Follow the whisper of God
    all of your life thru
    leading unto heaven
    which he will take you to.

    Beauty overflowing
    whichever way your turn,
    exactly what your soul
    hoped for and did yearn.

    And with your eyes wide open
    you will see it’s real
    and you will love him for it
    and your heart will heal.

    More than the Mountains
    More than the mountains
    more than the sea,
    I seek thee.

    In every day
    passing away,
    I seek thee.

    You are our smile,
    you are our song.
    Our heart is in thee
    where it belongs.

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