A Touch of God - III

David's Shepherd The Old Hymns Resolved
Patriarch Devotion The Search
The Ancient Way Candles Wayside Shrine
Medieval Procession Flame Mary and Jesus
Horses Blessing Trees
You Can Always Pray Prayer Beads Listen
The Gift of Forgiveness Filtered Out Beauty in God's World
Altho She Didn't Ask Michael A Prayer for Suffering
Looking up Yogis Headlands Pathways
Gimme Force of Goodness Mercy
The Church Looking Back The Soul of Russia
Call Along the Way Covered Up
Battle Hymn of the Republic Smiles Flame II
Did Christ Ever Smile? Blessing in a Distant Land The Soul's Light
Goldilocks Seed Prisoner
Did Christ Wear Gorgeous Robes? Redemption "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
Entreat The Good Who Don't Believe Plea
Did Christ Like the Animals Unaware Images of Christ
Workmen The Good Also Suffer Musing
Query Struggle The Cross and the Sword
Desecration Immerse Yourself in God's World Quest