To the Irish Lads Pigeons for Target Practice Abortion
Race Acceptance is a Way Mother's Day
Awake They Used to Call It Love Stepping on Xmas
Quandary Will Your Taxes Change the Rockies When You Can Read the Traces and the Footsteps
Eggs Custom Enigma
What Women's Lib is all About Great Pass the Torch to the Next Runner
Anomoly Our Youth Empty
Who Starts the Forest Fires? Requiem for a Lady Country
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The Mt. Say a Tear for the Foundries The Old Times
Vulgar and Arrogant The Comptrollers The Slow Wheels of Time
This is the Bread I Baked Myself Lowering the Bar The Day the Computers Stopped
Be Yourself Omission Smoking in this Country
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Rain Forest Trees TRI-MESS Solomon
Travel Census Freedom of Speech
Drama Issue? Phone
A Prayer for our Country   Confusion