Love Poems

Oh Light My Path Along The Way 1-13-1968 Marbles
Song I Often Think He's a Great Yogi He Spoke To Any Man
I Found My Song with You I Would Have... Little Soldiers
Love Poems for Richard, My Love The Hours Are Long When You're Not Here When All The Others are Thru
From Before I didn't Mean To Step On Your Dreams Richard
Free You Blend Balance With Understanding One Year Older
Your Hands Rare You Carry The Weight of a Man of Years
You Are My Love You Lost Your Dream And I Lost Mine I Place You With The Very Best
Long Ago He Wouldn't Be The Same Without His Smile Embers
Extra Wishes From '62 The Forest Of Your Mind  

Oh Light My Path Along The Way
Oh light my path along the way
& lead me safe from day to day.
And never cease thy love light shine
upon this anxious heart of mine.
Take my hand in thine so strong
that never wavers as along
the trail you lead me up & on.
For how can it just come to be
that God has given thee to me?
It was not any worth of mine
but yet he gave me Love Divine.

When the dew does sparkle
and mist rides thru the air
then I think of you
and happy unimpaired.

The happy times were oh so rare
I cherish every one
and wish it all had been the same
before our life was done.

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When the moon rolls in
and the crickets sing –
I’ll wait for you.

When the days are soft
and the nights are long
I’ll wait for you.

All the time I have
belongs to you –
evening, morning, summer
wait for you.

I have only time
till I have you.

Nothing else to do
but wait for you.

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I Found My Song With You
so very long ago,
hidden in our memory
so little of it showed.

But still we found each other
when the world was thru
and happy at the outcome –
to play as children do.

For we found our heaven
tho it was not here –
returning unto God
who is ever near.

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Love Poems for Richard, My Love
With you I will never falter
or grow weary.
It is only love.

My life flows & sings
in joy forever.
It is only love.

One with all life –
Dearest, is a beautiful love…

You are sweet to me,
and tender,
Deep in my heart,
where you are.

Dearest, be beautiful
for me always
It is my prayer.
My thoughts ‘round you hover.

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From Before
We are stars in the
of the universe
that touch in passing.

I am drifting away from you.
-- reach me --
hold me tight in our pledge of love

That when I am lost in the myriad lights
your love will be also with me
as I drift….

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If all the agony in the world were stilled
And we were free to love (life) –
The cool, soothing breeze wash me of my former cares
And lift high in my soul
Bent, stooped in gutters
Tormented by the cry of pain, by need
Over the years held but, stooped
By those clutching hands of need.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Now what is this
loud silence?
Pain is no more…
I am free!!

My eyes follow the wind,
the rivers flow…
I dance, leap up –
Now all the magic in the world
I made for me.

Yea in those years god was
a heavy god
Suffocating the god of joy.
Because I laugh
you think I know not love.

Love is not suffering
but joy.

Only love leading to joy
is true love.
Love is Joy!

Clinging to Beauty
thru all pain –

Now you will know
whence comes my joy.

Time & again
you amaze me
that you know love.

You are my Prayer
You are my Song
You are my Love &
Grief &
Life &

In love we are always One.

In the radiance of your love.
It protects me and is good to me –
joy forever –
In this radiance of your Love.

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Your Hands
your hands that have
drawn impactions from the sick
and poured lead, scarred,
and embalmed tho dead

I worship,
for it was love
And when they touch me
it is pure
and I am proud
for it was love.

Each scar I worship
for it was only love.
Strong hands that returned
hate with gentleness of love.

These hands that paint
and create tenderly
I worship too,
for it is love.

Hands that paint Christ
and waited years (serving)
He will be pleased,
for it was only love.

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You Are My Love
Deep in the night & still.
You are tender in my heart
as I hold you near.
Do you know the sweetness
that you are to me?

The rain drops softly
in the sanctuary of our love
And I know great peace.

Dearest, you are my
one & only Love.

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Long Ago
Long ago
didn’t they say
there was only love?

Long ago we laughed
you & I.

Long ago we knew
there was only love.

To my dearest in the year of our love – Oct. ’62.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You are a flame in my heart (soul) Love –C Oct 2, ‘67

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Extra Wishes From '62
I want to draw all the pain and of you…

I want to take away all your pain…

Because you are in my heart & blood
& steep down to my toes…
bec. I am transfixed.
I love you.

I walk with grace of your smile upon me.

We are in tune.

Infinite tenderness….
Every nuance of beauty & love

W. him all cords vibrated, now still.

We will be mad wanderers too! (like Baal singers, India)

You sing songs
in my heart slowly.
It slowly unreels
& little by little I catch its tune.
I turn it over & over
in my heart & memory.
I catch its tune
wafting & whispering to me.
Yes, you sing songs
in my heart slowly.
In you only
did my vision gather texture
into a living dream!
For a golden day you warmed me –
buoyed from consciousness
soft on the sea.
Now that you go…
Forever gone!

In the still night,
yet thru rose dawn…
you will be with me,
you who are gone.

We must heal,
but your love will be strength to me,
to take a part of you with me,
this alone to love.

Even after these years –
a glistening eye,
a soft breeze,
And I am with you again
in tears & joy!

Strange when he loved me
every action was a prayer

…strange how the softness
slipped away.

W. long, steady strides
he led her to his world.
The mysteries of earth/life
still untouched & fresh
As if knowledge had never been.

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As fast as I run, you are always there –
As hard as I live, you are there beside –
The swift, the fleet, the strong…is you!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the still night,
yet the rose dawn,
you will be with me
you who are gone.

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I Often Think He's a Great Yogi
I often think he’s a great yogi,
astute and full of life –
with powers beyond the rest of us –
knowledge and insight.

I think that he’s lived many times
with influence over men
and controls himself as well
for energy again.

All aspects of his being
proportioned like a watch
and set in place with jewels
like a clock that never stops.

And he contains the essence
of everything he’s done –
all the spiritual victories
and all the hearts he’s won.

He spoke to the inner person
and left his words in there
and nurtured them and strengthened them
and tended them with care.

And they lived and grew
and they remembered them
and harkened to his words
and defended them.

It was a living thing
that started life anew
and he tended it
and it always grew.

Tho I may fleetingly (it’s true)
think a distant thought,
I live not in that distant realm
from where your sustenance is brought.

And so I see thy riches bring
from thy life’s vast harvesting.

I never felt that you were mine
for you were far beyond me.
In all you said and all you did
a high maturity.

You belonged to something else
farther in the future
and yet you were already here,
big as life and closer.

You belonged to just those few,
awareness far beyond,
and a life to coincide
with what your thoughts were on.

You reached a high development
and thus were very far
from most of those around you,
apart from where they are.

Surely he will come…
he will come somehow.
In the evening still I think…
he surely will come now.

It’s been so many years
but still it’s just the same.
It is so real to me
just to hear your name.

Surely you will come…
you can’t leave me now….
you will come tonite…

I’m just a little part of you,
small in every way.
You have depth and stature
and grow every day.

My interests are but small
and really very light.
You have understanding,
patience and insight.

I fill just a little part
of everything that’s you.
Now you don’t really need me,
do you?

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I Would Have...
I would have loved the dawn
if men had not ravaged day to come –

I would have love nature
if I were not saddened by what I knew of man –

I would have loved my fellow man
if they were deep and true –

I would have loved the sunset
if it followed pure-joy day.

And if I were stronger,
I would have loved all these and you.

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The Hours Are Long When You're Not Here
The hours are long when you’re not here
and still away at work.
I have not yet a radio
for we are very poor.

With heavy quiet the day wears on
and nothing will console
for I am all alone,
know not a single soul.

And in the evening still not here
the time has worn away
and I can tell the hour
by the shadows where they lay.

Seven and eight in summertime
and they are very long.
It seems like an eternity,
the hours when you are gone.

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I Didn't Mean to Step On Your Dreams
I didn’t mean to step on your dreams
and get in its way.
I only thought that you forgot
how it was to play.

Sober introspection the order of the day
but where is all your happiness?
It must have flown away.

A dream is made of textured care
with so much hope and yearning there
and shattering with explosive force
if anything impedes its course.

You Blend Balance With Understanding
You blend balance with understanding
and strength with tenderness
and how much you have helped me,
I can only guess.

You’re rather at the age
when life comes into one –
one purpose, cause, commitment
usually well begun.

And for remaining years
I hope you have your way,
for you have made my life
have meaning day by day.

I wish you sunny skies and yet
I know you know there’s rain
I wish you God’s sweet love both here
and yet in heaven again.

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I don’t like many things you do.
The things I like are very few.
I don’t like business, don’t like sports,
all the things you take for course.
For weeks or months I never see
anything attracting me.

Then suddenly I see it there,
a smile, a look, so very rare.
But you must wait for years and days
for this moment to take place.

And so with many years between
rare and precious things I gleaned
and hold them in my memory
the ways I’d like for you to be.

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You Lost Your Dream And I Lost Mine
You lost your dream and I lost mine.
I guess that they were intertwined.
And tho they seemed so simple yet
did not achieve or yet forget,
but hung around half in the air
and never left to go somewhere.
It seemed that they were always there.

And so we never lost our dreams
but they did not come true it seems.
All potential sitting there
but in our real life were where?

Maybe others would not know
we lost a dream so long ago.
But we always know it’s there
hanging somewhere in the air.

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He Wouldn't Be The Same Without His Smile
He wouldn’t be the same without his smile.
I can’t quite say just how it is
but it makes life worthwhile.

And all the time he’s smiling there
the sun is beaming down
and makes it seem all cosy
just to be around.

He has a little saying
that all these years did grace,
It says that “you can smile
any time and any place.”

And that is what he does
with every ease and grace –
for you will often see
a smile on his face.

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The Forest Of Your Mind
A week of love and tramping ‘round
the forest of your mind.

And paths lead here and paths lead there
and trails more I find.

The heights and views and deep spots too
are lush and keen and fine.

And wind and rain and sun come thru
the forest of your mind.

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A crock full of marbles,
which one shall I take?
If I shoot them very hard
I’m afraid they’ll break.

I think that I shall take them
and view them one by one,
each of hand-carved pottery,
an inspiration.

For now I see these marbles
were really very old
and just how they were made
really can’t be told.

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He Spoke To Any Man
He spoke to any man
and he embedded deep
his knowledge and experience
with things that he did speak.

Of life he was a master
and laid impressions there
far reaching in their scope,
meant for continued wear.

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Little Soldiers
These pencil stubs have meaning
and they have great care…
doing windows, doing trucks
and everything that’s there.

Little soldiers every one
beyond the call that’s made –
beyond the call of duty,
for their all they gave.

Working till they were so short
no longer could be held
are laid aside in memory
because they did so well
and evermore remember them
and hero’s stories tell.

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When All The Others Are Thru
When all the others are thru,
I’ll still be there waiting for you.
For love lingers on
in my heart’s song
that you made & prolonged
forever in your song.

Don’t leave me now
but hold me tight
& pray for me
throughout the night.

Love is a prayer
love is a song
whispering sweetly
all the night long.

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A prayer in my heart
desire in my soul
that you will be
well & whole.

We love you so much
it is that just
we want you to be
well that we see
yourself and again
we really know when
it is God makes you whole
& relief in our soul.

A desire to see
you well once again,
smiling & laughing
with family & friends.

So much to give,
overflowing somehow
radiant life
Don’t let it stop now.

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One Year Older
One year older,
one year farther away from hard work.
One year closer to your dreams
in the turbulence of life.

A day when they said, “What a fine son.”
A day when they said, “Let him be
close to God always.”
A day when they said,
“Let him be our dream.

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You Carry The Weight of a Man of Years
You carry the weight of a man of years,
one who’s consistently given ear
to the dreams and woes of many a man –
listening to tales, giving a hand.

One who’s seen a lot of things
and understood them, what they mean.
Seen the signs of war and strife
and seen them change too many lives.

Seen the work that men must do –
strain and die before they’re thru.
Seen the tide of life sweep on –
changing lives, right or wrong.

But you have balance, poise and grace,
every aspect well in place.
Every one who talks to you
finds a seasoned traveler.

And so you press both life and time,
anxious to a minute find.
And many things you can create
and not just many tales relate.

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I Place You With The Very Best
I place you with the very best
of people I have ever met
or read about in books of old,
whose character is clearly told
in mounting strength and forcefulness
and every attribute’s finesse.
They were men to well admire
and many thoughtful folks inspired.

I place you with the men as these
where every quality does please
and all of them are blended so
the right amounts do come and go.

And I see how others too
are often strongly drawn to you
and they find an inspiration
in your way and conversation.

And I always feel blessed too
just to know and be with you.

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The embers within wait for you,
the coals of the fire of so long ago.

The worldly storm so fierce and destructive
only a memory undying of what was.

Where did it flee?
You are here but it went away.
It is gone.

In the persecution of our souls
we hardened every day
but God came and stayed with us
and there is a land, so soon,
where he will light the flame
of undying love.

One time when he was painting
up upon a ledge
8 feet high above the ground,
he moved close to the edge.

He thought it would be better to
step back a foot or two
to see how he was doing
and get a better view.

With shocked dismay he backed right off
and cars came crashing to a halt.
But with his arms he dangled there
hanging halfway in the air,
and people on the ground did stare –
he gave them all a scare.

Now in this loud commotion
he a lesson found –
Don’t stand back to view your work
when you’re not on the ground.

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