Lincoln Poem

Lincoln image

Lincoln did have character
and principles were firm
and his feet were planted
straight on mother earth.

He had deepest values
which we miss today
and thoughtful, conscientious
in decisions made.

He also was a gentleman
with kindness, courtesy
and he had honor too
and inner peace we see.

He was tall and lanky
and stood out in a crowd
and could laugh with people
if they laughed out loud.

His face is on a penny
so we may realize
he came up from the bottom
and rose up very high.

His speeches to the point
with great simplicity,
appealing to the people
with east and clarity.

He had deep-sunken eyes
full of thoughtfulness
and he was partly black,
from the wilderness.

In villages in India
even children know
of this man of ours,
the only one they know.

In Japan it’s Rincoln
that they all do say
with eyes that shine and smile—
from the U.S.A.

Lincoln was unfathomable—
He was very deep
in his nature and his life
in thought and prayer was steeped.
for he believed in God
and this belief was deep.

This man of character
once did walk among us,
prayerfully and thoughtfully
and this man was just.

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