Dream of Youth Poetry

Introduction to Dream of Youth

This is actually the first book I wrote. The first half was directly dictated by God. I wrote the last part later. He set the form of the poems – that they should rhyme in the old way, etc. My husband says that it is not as much children’s poems, but an older person looking back at youth. I cannot explain the enormous leap between this book and the Touch of God books.

Dedicated to my parents, Dorothy and Carroll Wilson, from whom I learned the appreciation of little things, and love of the great outdoors.

Section I
Section II
Section III
A Child's Prayer Rocking Chair Dishes
When I Went Out to Play The Flame Company
My Dog The Penney Picnic
Laugh The Bird Coffee
Small The Letter The Clock
Youth The Kite Spirits
The Moon The Secret a Tune
Fuzzy Wuzzy Garden John, I Miss You
Rain The Fire Practicing Time
Mother's Prayer Jane a&z
Sailing The Cold Late
Lord Bless My Pup Mine - Outer Space
Laughs Junior The Kid's Radio
My Friend Games A Little River
Where? Girl's Wond'rin'... Dipper
Leaves Easy Chair Mississippi Mud
Oh! A Naughty Trick!