About Carolyn...

When I wrote the poems, I woke up at 3 in the morning (the sacred hour), put on a robe, got coffee and cigarettes and went in the organ room (a small room with the organ), sat in my chair and waited until something came to me. Usually I got the first two lines of a poem, and rarely a whole verse. I finished it later. Usually I would get one or two poems a day - sometimes none for two weeks. They were not all religious poems - I would spurt them out later.

I was very happy when I wrote the poems. This was for 13 years, from 1978 to 1991. Then it left me: I wasn't in the "poem groove" anymore. God took it away. Maybe he had all he wanted.

When I was young, I never cared much about poems. Only one - 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. It always hung on the wall of my father's bedroom. (And, which is ore, you'll be a man, my son.) I liked my poems, however.

I forgot to say that for 20 years I did not read a book, magazine or newspaper, so the book learning would drop off and only my thoughts and ideas be left - as it turned out - God's ideas. i also want to talk about my experience in college. i was very religious when I was young, but in college, I lost it. I became an atheist or agnostic (don't know). The more I studied, the harder it became. It seemed like all the answers were in the books. If you read long enough, you would know it. My first husband was the same way so nothing changed me. I finally left him.

Then my second husband came along and rescued me.

How did it just come to be
that God has given thee to me?
It wasn't any worth of mine
but yet he gave me Love Divine.

And lovers shall
like magnets be,
that cling in time
and never part
thruout the years,
in rain or sun
or smiles or tears.

He didn't have the problem - I did. He kept his religion and lived it. His father was a well-known preacher and he respected his father very much. He joined the church when he was 13 and never looked back. It was his great and steady love which pulled me up and saved me. We got married when he was 40 and I was 32 - a mixed marriage when there were riots in the South. We were married 37 years - a long time for a second marriage. He was strong both outside and in, and pulled us through many rough spots. He is responsible for the poems because he pulled me back to God again.

Besides love, I went strictly by obedience - to God and to my husband. i had vowed I would. I took it very seriously. I had vowed I would. Vows are much higher than oaths. He said the Boy Scouts used to have 16 oaths, but now they have eight. Once I got so mad I threw my ring in the garbage, but I still obeyed him - without a ring. I had vowed I would and I did. I thought it would be easy to obey him because I loved him, but it was the hardest thing I ever did. Although we had a hard marriage, we always loved each other and always kept our vows.

All the poems and writings are legally in public domain (no copyright). They may be downloaded without charge.

Carolyn W.